Monthly Archives: August 2009

Wire-free Creatives

Last week  I adventured from of our little world, where a rare few exist, out into the city. I was in search to upgrade our wireless phones… In our case that meant a crash course in the technology of smart phones. We decided to go to one of the malls. Usually against our covert dialog screaming at us to avoid artificial lights and echoing sounds of the masses shuffling through the halls that produces a migraine only second in equivalence to adventures at walmart. Our disdain for driving through the city was greater that day than the mall. I was expecting to be showered with sales pitches and the pushing specific phones and all the reasons why I should buy it… Didn’t happen. Being armed with information ready to be purged from my lips, I expelled verbiage, quickly bombarding the unsuspecting salesmen. My 15 year old son politely stood there observing me as my head spun and pea green soup expelled from my mouth. The salesman quietly said “I don’t keep up with all that tech info. You seem to know what you want “. As we were waiting for the upgrade process to unfold and our phone numbers to be transferred an unexpected series of thoughts surfaced.
Being the descendant of French immigrants from Anjour,France in the 1600 ‘s and that area being the birth place of immpressionism art; to learn about painting you had to go visit the artist in their space and invest in the time. How that connects to smart phones and mall migraines? As an artist, studying and working with my husband as professional artists we spend a considerable amount of time together. Now that we are expanding our networking and connecting with other artists, students and buyers the smartohone is just the tool to do just that; connect and respect. Yet another creative way to learn the art of connecting to others and others to connect to us the artists. In old times,the struggle between allowing others in to experience your creative world with all the disruptive energies vs perserving your creative space and privacy. I see this as a happy middle ground. Blogs, websites and all the undiscovered apps on my blackberry will allow for both the privacy and the sanctity of our creative space and others wanting to experience the world of a creative being… Oh and migraine avoided.