Benefit and Charity Auctions… what are they?

A Benefit is a planned event that hosts various activities from selling a meal like Soup Suppers, Duck Dinners, and Pancake feeds. Other activities include live music , raffles and  an Auction. Most Benefits are held within communities to generate funds for Individuals, Churches, Schools, Public Libraries and Pet Shelters. Benefits are a great way to bring together members of the community who want to help.

A Charity is a not for profit organization that plans events throughout the year to bring awareness to their communities and generate funds for research, education and/or financial assistance for those in need. Relay for Life, Childrens Hospital, MS Society, Cancer Society are just to mention a few. Again, an event is planned with various activities same as mentioned above.

The Awiya Project supports the Auction component of Benefit and Charity Sales. Artists involved in The Awiya Project donate high quality works of art for the sole purpose to be Auctioned off and generate high dollar funds for the Benefits and Charities Events.


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