The Awiya Project: Art that Gives

The Awiya Project – Art that gives.

Simply put The Awiya Project is about giving, about helping others, about building a better world through art.

My wife, Lou, and I have been artists, well, all our lives.  Her career began at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and mine began as a child, as far back as I can remember.  We are working artists, living in rural Nebraska.  Helping others has been a major part of our lives as well.  Lou works with the developmentally disabled as her day job, and I began participating in fundraising efforts as a child, raising money for Jerry’s kid with my uncle every year, who suffered from Duchene Muscular Dystrophy.  Helping others is just a part of who we are.

With increasing frequency, we are asked to donate one of our pieces for various fundraising efforts.  And while we have yet to turn anyone away, it becomes more difficult to keep purchasing art materials when we are giving the paintings away.  I made a casual comment on my facebook page oneday, about how I wish there was crowdfunding for artists.  I was entirely unaware this amazing venue, Indiegogo, even existed.  Thanks to a tip from a friend, an idea was born.

We want to GIVE every single piece we create for six months away!  All of them.  With one small catch – we want to give them to fundraising auctions, charity sales, public libraries and other public venues, etc.  We want our art to help people.  To provide aid to those that need it, give inspiration to those who might not otherwise have it, to do good in the world.  Art that gives, that really truly gives.  That is what we want to do… with your help.

twitter hashtag: awiya

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