Cycle of Compassion: Igniting the Spin

When we are young children, we learn through experience to share, socialize and make friends. We learned that when we are mean, hit another or be selfish and not share, that child won’t be our friend and less likely to share and even hit back.

As adults we learn this refined art of emotional socialization by being part of our family, community and part of a larger human population. It is part of our greater society that we teach our children generosity, kindness, and the beginnings to understand compassion.

Compassion is generally defined as an empathy and sympathy for the suffering of others, to suffer together. Yet philosophy and the great religions teach us an in-depth understanding of compassion as alleviating the suffering of others,yet not exactly how to demonstrate a compassionate response to the empathy we experience.

One way is to question yourself and ask is “In what ways has my compassionate feelings, in all its depths, given rise to an active desire to alleviate another’s suffering?”

Jes and I feel so passionate about The Awiya Project that we have pulled all our current art work OFF the market and placed our entire collection into The Awiya Project to Ignite the Spin. Also, we have dedicated all print sales of our work through Fine Art America to The Awiya Project as to continue this Cycle of Compassion that is in motion.

The Awiya Project donates time and talent of the artist to create quality art for medium to small individual and organization benefit auctions/sales. So they can generate high dollar funds for their events. This is our Cycle of Compassion.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank You!


Lou Ewers Co Founder of The Awiya Project  & Artist

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