Gifts of Compassion

I would like for you to meet Chloe and her mom Crystal.

Chloe was born at 26 weeks at just over 2 lbs. Crystal was life flighted after experiencing eclampsia, dangerous high blood pressure during pregnancy, and grand mal seizures.

Crystal, an artist, went temporarily blind from the seizures and during tests Dr have found blood clots and a lung mass suspected to be cancer. Crystal is due to have surgery soon.

Our hearts are warmed to be part of a Benefit Fundraiser by donating a painting to be auctioned for Crystal, Cory and Chloe.

Please check back as this story continues.

Benefit for Crystal, Cory and Chloe

“So overwhelmed with emotion today! Throughout the past couple months I have had an outrageous amount of prayers, support, visitors, calls, cards, gifts….the list goes on and on! In the midst of all the turmoil has risen such love and devotion from so many people (even total strangers)!! It’s a beautiful thing to witness and at times I cannot begin to wrap my head around it all. As I lay here in the most tremendous pain I’ve ever experienced, my heart is overflowing with happiness and peacefullness! I can’t explain in words how incredible it is to feel this way and to truly have witnessed so many works of the Lord. I have been given the gift of life, the gift of friendship, the gift of love and the gift of a child. What a testament that is to the power of our great Creator!” Crystal

Update: Miss Chloe gets to come home today… for the 1st time! Welcome Home Chloe!


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