Contributors: Join The Awiya Project’s Cycle of Compassion

The Awiya Project: Art that Gives created a Cycle of Compassion and Ignited the Spin by donating our time, talent, materials and complete collection to jump start our direct impact project.

Contributors, we NEED you! It’s that clear! We have 26 days to reach closer to our goal!

Jes and I have invested our entire life’s work as artists into this project and that will only sustain The Awiya Project for a short period of time.

In 2012 community charities, local benefits and public fund raisers are at an all time high across the country. Many cannot compete with the larger organization events that auction off exotic trip packages, and luxury items.

The Awiya Project has a direct impact on families and neighbors who have a tragic accident or disease with mounting medical bills/ foreclosure. Your local community centers that serve the elderly and children who face budget cuts and are seeing after school programs and elderly meal programs come to an end. Small community Public libraries that cut hours and programs because of budgets and low attendance. The inclusion of high quality professional art in fund raisers, benefit/charity auctions and sales can help generate high dollar funds where it’s needed- in the families & communities across this country.

More and more local organizations are reaching out to their communities to generate funds. Last week I was told a story about a man suffering from prostate cancer who sold his own grill and tools just to help pay for his medical bills and avoid going into foreclosure on his house.

What The Awiya Project Needs:

Art supplies- paint, mediums, mineral spirits, canvas, stretchers, frames and shipping costs & materials.

Why Does the Awiya Project Artists Need Art Materials:

To paint quality art paintings that WE, you the contributor & us the artist, donates to charity, benefit auctions & public places. Lets inspire others to participate in their community, generate high dollar funds for the local charity /individual benefit sale/auctions. Let’s make a direct difference in our communities and in people’s lives.

How you can help The Awiya Project:

Contributions from you make this possible. Contribute $10, $20, whatever you can afford When you contribute through indiegogo you will receive perks at contributor levels and be part of this new cycle of compassion.

What does The Awiya Project artist get for painting? :

The artists contributes their time and talent for the creation of high quality art and the heartfelt experience of donating the painting to help Individuals, groups, organizations and communities. Art that Gives.

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Spread the word

Thank you for your support, contributions and being part of our Cycle of Compassion. Its time for a new kind of Revolution!


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