Authentic Presence

As Jes and I ventured into the world of social media and transforming conversations into Cycles of Compassion, we have made some important decisions that we would like to share with you.

Our first decision: Authentic Presence.

We are here and we are engaging you! There will not be any auto tweeting or Auto reply services. When we say Thank you for following us or Thank you for your support… we took the time to be present, type each letter and sent the message to You.

Second: Our own Hearts & Hands

When we tweet or post a blog, we did so in the now and with our own keyboard. There will be no auto tweets on a scheduled service nor a ghost writer stock piling our blogs with drafts and future publishing dates. In a world where technology has evolved at an accelerated  rate~ We choose to keep the human experience of Authentically being Present!

Third:  Cycle of Compassion in Motion

When we are contacted about donating a work of art to a individual benefit, we will work with the benefit coordinator  to choose the art that is most appropriate and would generate the best funds results for them. We have a wide variety on hand for those Individual Benefits that are put together quickly when sudden illness or accident happen.

When working with Annual Charity Benefits and Public Spaces such as Community Centers, Libraries, Children’s Homes- we work closely with them to choose the appropriate subject matter and have the time to develop the painting for their Auction or Display.

Last: The Heart is Our Home:

 Jes and I are exploring the process of becoming a NonProfit organization. This discovery process will take some time as we learn what the paperwork process is, what we need to do, generate the funds to pay for filing fees and hire an attorney to set it up for us. Jes and I feel so passionate about the Cycle of Compassion The Awiya Project has ignited that we want to take it to the next level and establish a permanent Authentic Presence!  The Awiya Project: Art that Gives.

Join the Cycle of Compassion

The Art of Being Jes Blog!

  @ArtbyJes on Twitter  

The Awiya Project Website

 The Awiya Project on FaceBook 

@Awiya on Twitter

Art Supplies Fund Raising Campaign 


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