Sharing Beauty, Inspiration and Hope

Our Creative Well

Jes and I live every day with an open heart and within a flow of creative energy in everything we do. Our inspiration is fueled by our passion for seeing the world from many directions, perspectives and yes, through many colors. It is this beauty that we experience that we share freely with others through The Awiya Project: to inspire and generate hope. Here are a few of our past projects

From Palette to Canvas: The Colors of Wahoo

An American Impressionists view of the unique beauty of our community! Artists Jes and Louise Ewers showcasing the timeless charm of small town living.

Showing the month of September 2011  in the Wahoo Public Library Community Meeting Room.

Cafe Loft- C & C Cafe

Artist Jes and Lou Ewers created an artists loft space for the public to enjoy the beauty and inspiration of professional art to accompany their coffee and expresso  from the C & C Cafe.

Art in The Garden

Summer 2011 Artists Jes and Lou Ewers opened their home and garden spaces to the public to come enjoy a free outdoor art show.

Pencils in the Park

Summer 2010 and 2011 Artist Jes & Lou Ewers offered free drawing lessons during the weekly Farmers Market season to children and adults.

Paint the Parade: County Fair painting demo and painting tips

2010 and 2011 artist Jes Ewers and Louise Ewers demonstrated painting techniques and engaged the public in a dialog about art, painting and the creative process.

Check back frequently as we are in continuous motion with The Awiya Projects: Art that Gives  Cycle of Compassion


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