“Walking the Family Socks”

I was reading over some information I had received in the mail that day, as Lily age 3, was playing in her enchanted realm of imagination.

As I was becoming frustrated with trying to read my mail and the unrelenting visual strain from eye spasms, Lily walks over and plops down at my feet, looks up at me with her big brown eyes, “What’s that?” she asked as she poked my left little toe and giggled. I had on rainbow colored toe socks; the kind of socks that every toe has its own section like fingers of a glove.

“Usdi Girl, Baby girl toe”, i said as her eyes widened and a look of wonderment revealed itself upon her face as she exclaimed ” me!

“Whats that?” she squealed in excitement as she jabbed my toes again. I proceeded to tell her who every toe was starting from little to big.

Usdi (baby) girl, girl, ulv (sister), Etsi (mother), Elisi (Grandmother)

“Whose that?”, “Whose that?” she questioned over and over as she played with the toes on my right foot.

Usdi (baby) boy, boy, vgido(brother), edoda (dad), Eduda (grandpa)

She grabbed my left foot toe and proclaimed ” That’s sister, me Lily ulv” I said yes there you are.

“Guess what Lily?”, “What?” she whispered as if she was going to hear the best secret ever. “You have a family of toes too and they walk with you where ever you go.”

“I do?” she whispered back before she jumped up, spun around and began dancing and singing “I walk mama, I walk socks, I walk mama, I walk socks!”


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