Finding the Hidden Gems: DIG it!

Every day as I read the news, I find it disconcerting that I have to filter through the negativity of politics and the violence. Then just as I think my search through the conflict was in vain, a hidden gems of compassion, unconditional giving and humanity at our best appears in a little news blurb on a back page. Why is that?

Shouldn’t the best of humanity be on the FRONT PAGE? Here’s a call out to all major news organization…. Stop feeding us crap news! Stop reinforcing the destructive behaviors of others by showcasing them up front and centered.

Here’s a few Gems that I’ve found so far this week, hidden away, awaiting to be discovered.

“Graduation Gifts that Give Back” 

The Huffington Post brought us this little article & slide show with suggestions about buying gifts for the new graduates in your life. The entire idea is about expanding the significance of giving that benefits the Whole. I really like the idea of buying relevent items for the graduate, like buying a medicine kit for the soon to be med student that also provides one for families in need. That’s what I call “D.I.G.” Direct Impact Giving that benefits the whole. Take a look at the other ideas as the Graduates in your family continue to stroll across the stage to receive their diplomas and begin a new adventure!

“7 Omaha families move into new Homes”

Habitat for Humanity builds 7 homes in 7 days!

WOW! Talk about hammers flying for 7 days! KETV Channel 7 in Omaha has followed this story from beginning to end. I LOVE Habitat for Humanity and what they do! Yet another clear example of “DIG” Direct Impact Giving. Check out in your area if Habitat for Humanity has a “ReStore” store.

Omaha Restore 

“Simple, decent shelter is a basic human need. Habitat for Humanity of Omaha’s ReStore, a discount retail outlet, addresses the issue of poverty housing in two ways:
  • by providing an affordable way for community members to purchase building materials and home fixtures for maintaining and fixing up their homes, and
  • by using 100 percent of net proceeds to help fund Habitat for Humanity of Omaha.” 

Warriors Put Their Limits To The Test

“The Warrior Dash invaded Nebraska for the first time Saturday as more than 20,000 participants descended on Louisville for a 5k race meant to push you to the limit.” WOWT Channel 6 Omaha News. 

Personally, Im not a runner. However, next year when The Warrior Dash rolls around, I will be volunteering! An Amazing event that utilizes the concept of “For the Community by the Community” to a new level of Direct Impact Giving!

Warrior Dash

“Warrior Dash provides monetary donations to local organizations that volunteer at events. By volunteering at Warrior Dash, local organizations such as athletic teams, nearby school and non-profit organizations are able to raise funds based on the number of group members who volunteer at Warrior Dash. Warrior Dash has a national partnership with Green Sneakers, a program under the non-profit organization, Crown Ministry Group. At each event, Warrior Dash participants have the option to donate their used sneakers after the event at each race. Participants are also encouraged to bring new or lightly worn shoes for donation.”
Green Sneakers

According to Green Sneakers,

“Through the use of the Green Sneakers program, charities are able to raise the funds they require to meet local needs, all while helping support needs on a global scale through the reuse of collected sneakers as affordable footwear to people in need around the world. This activity greatly improves economic conditions in developing nations and provides sustainable job opportunities where they otherwise would not exist. In cases of great humanitarian need, collected sneakers are distributed through reputable relief agencies with the appropriate mechanisms in place to effectively engage in this level of aide.”
Hope you enjoy these little hidden Gems! 

Every article I read online about  an individual, family, community or organization that has developed a new and creative way to express “Direct Impact Giving”, I get inspired. I hope by sharing what inspires me and motivates me to continue in my efforts with The Awiya Project, will also inspire you . Stay on The Awiya Side of Life my creatives!


You can find me on twitter @awiya where I share more links to the hidden gems I find and share to inspire a new revolution of giving and a new cycle of compassion .

2 thoughts on “Finding the Hidden Gems: DIG it!

  1. Lou.. this is an awesome post. I have *always* felt this way for years; but never thought enough to repost the “gems”. I’m SO on this this week..


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