Wisdom of Grace


Spent a couple of hours at the lake today with Grace. We walked a couple of miles. Having MS is a challenge during hot weather as anyone living with it will tell you. Inflammation is not our friend. Sweet Grace kept an even pace & when she felt me lag behind via tension on her lead due to my leg going numb, she would stop, smell around the green foliage and flowers, look back at me with a look of encouragement before walking again. At first I thought it was just her doing her own exploring, but it happened more than once. After we arrived back at our starting point, about a two mile walk, we sat in the shade, drank some water and she nuzzled my numb leg several times. She even laid her head in my lap and snuggled.

Amazing experience with a beautiful soul! As I sat there with Grace, I realized what this gorgeous creature was teaching me.

She was telling me that it’s okay to stop and smell the flowers, sometimes we are hurt & hurting, it’s not a fast paced race through life, it’s about the connections to life we make and those we touch. All experience Grace has experienced herself.

Thank you Grace!


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