Painting Contributors

Preparations continue for our July 28 th Photo shoot & Plein Air painting adventure to the waterfront areas of Southeast Nebraska.  I’m excited! Painting is our joy & bliss in life. Having the opportunity to freely sharing our talents and abilities to benefit small community libraries  and inspire others is the cherry on top of the sunday!

Check out our “wish list” link to see exactly how expensive art supplies really are. If you feel inspired to contribute supplies for this project, feel free to purchase items on our wish list & it ships directly to us.

Thank you Jenny & Paris M for your contributions… That will give us the gas money for our July 28th painting trip. Thats 1 of 10 trips and 1 of 10 paintings to be completed for this project.

Please visit our  crowd funding campaign as it ends in 7 days and this is a year long project that Jes and I are dedicated to seeing to completion.

From Palette to Canvas: Light of Nebraska 

Stay on the Awiya Side of Life my creatives and lets make a difference.



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