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Our 2011 From Palette to Canvas: Colors of Wahoo

Check out our video on our 2011 Palette to Canvas series that Jes & I funded ourselves. Now is your chance to join us in sharing Hope, Beauty and Inspiration through art with our Palette toCanvas: The Light of Nebraska series. Become part of a creative solution.

Colors of Wahoo 2011 on You Tube

Rolling along through the scenery



What should I paint next?

I have a few picture choices from Douglas County Nebraska. Keeping the Light of Nebraska project rolling along!

Hey if you want to become part of this project and help out…. I’m always in need of paint brushes. Check out our supply wish list for this project.

Thanks you for your gifts! ­čÖé

Hanging Around Drying

The latest Awiya Project: From Palette to Canvas: The Light of Nebraska painting is in it’s frame and hanging on the wall for some drying time. May work it more in a few weeks. This painting is going to be dedicated to the Blair library in Washington County, dedicated in Jenny Will name.


All For Paul

The Awiya Project delivered a piece of art today for a benefit dinner and auction for a young man named Paul. Paul has been diagnosed with Renal Medullary Carcinoma, an extremely rare and aggressive form of cancer. It is with a warm heart that The Awiya Project wishes Paul & his family all the best.

All for Paul

All for Paul on Facebook

UPDATE: The All for Paul benefit dinner in Omaha over the weekend drew over 1,200 people In attendance.


The Awiya Project: Latest piece off the easel

Jes just finished this piece for The Awiya Project. This reproduction of “Le Crau with Peach Trees in Blossom” by Vincent van Gogh will be donated to an individual who is confined to a wheelchair. The individual requested this particular painting. Stunning work Jes!


Stage 3 Day 2

Today’s progress! Short session today, my day job beckons. Will be back in the studio tomorrow. I’m really close to being done and am really excited to frame it. It will have to hang and dry for a few weeks before any varnish can be used. ┬áStay tuned my creatives!


Stage 3 Day 1

This piece is coming along as I’m working on the visual depth, reaffirming the light and any composition/color corrections. After this stage I move into the final detail stage.

Impressionism is the style I’m painting. It focuses on the use of color to express light instead of using line and form.

Painting while having a complete visual split, bilateral nystagmus and decreased visual acuity from Multiple Sclerosis has been a challenge I’ve met head on. Painting is my passion. Impressionism allows me to continue to paint and grow as an artist.

More updates coming soon! See you then.