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St Wenceslaus in Evening Light


Jes and I received this email, pleasantly unexpected, today. It warms our hearts to know where this painting ended up and that it generated much needed funds for the Vandevoorde benefit. Art that truly gives! Direct impact! This is why we The Awiya Project exists! Thank you Linda for contacting us!

Linda B.

Original Artwork – St Wenceslaus in Evening Light

I am the Parish Secretary of St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church in Wahoo NE. This painting is now owned by St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church Wahoo. It was purchased at the benefit event and given to our Parish by a friend of our Pastor. I thought you might want to update the painting information. I happened on this website and was very happy to know more about the painting and the painter. It has been admired by all who have seen it. Thank you.



After 1 sitting- here’s where I am at. Taking a loose approach to this landscape. Will be in the studio later today for another sitting.


Douglas County Light

The second painting in this series has began! This scene is from NW Douglas County in Nebraska. Found this space off a dirt road & fell enchanted by the light playing through the trees. This is stage 1- toning the canvas. Check back frequently as I will update this paintings progress. Stay on the Awiya Side of Life my Creatives!


Cleansing the Creative Palette

Creative Palette

With the fall weather approaching a little bit every day I took the opportunity in between paintings, for The Awiya Projects: Palette to Canvas The Light of Nebraska series, to design and sew Grace a couple of coats. I repurposed fabric from the thrift store & a women’s coats to make these. Now I am ready for painting #2.



Jes has a different process to switch gears from one palette to another. Here’s his warm up painting, which will be a beautiful addition to our living room.


Check back frequently as we are living life as creative beings and sharing this beautiful journey with you.
Stay on the Awiya Side of Life my Creatives!