Season of Compassion- A healing Journey

Reflecting nature’s cycle of life, any journey is itself circular.

The Awiya Project donated a painting to an individual benefit that was, in turn, placed in a Silent Art Auction online. Kathy, Frank’s from “Frank’s Fight,” wife, having more than her share of stress & exhaustion while caring for Frank & his failing health, has been our contact in this fundraising effort. As many of you who follow my blog have read earlier, Frank is going through liver failure and in need of a liver transplant.

The Awiya Project decided to set up the silent auction for Kathy. Having generated high traffic to the auction site and intense bidding action, the painting sold for a nice sum to a determined repeat bidder. The painting was shipped a couple days after the auction ended & Kathy & her husband received the much needed funds.

A couple of minutes ago, I receive a message from Kathy. The individual who purchased the painting through the benefit auction, just gifted the painting to her & Frank to inspire hope & love on their journey of healing.

We are speechless. Truly beautiful. This is exactly why we do what we do- compassionate giving people do exist, and witnessing their selfless acts bring a joy to our hearts I think few people know. I say Bravo sir! You are an amazing human being.


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