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Light of Nebraska Update

Hello, my creatives,

It’s been a slow process from being to end. However, there is light at the end of the… road. HA, thought I was going to say the tunnel. Now that our original venue for the collective showing of paintings has recovered from the flood and reopened, it’s planning time and selecting an available time slot. All the painting were inspired from multiple counties in Nebraska and will be shown together for a free, one-month public viewing. Then the paintings will be donated to the respective libraries in those counties. And just think, it’s all because of a collaborative effort between you, our supporters and the artists of The Awiya Project. As soon as the details have been arranged, I will bring you into the loop.

Inspiring Young Hearts

The Awiya project teamed with the Wahoo Public Library in the creation of children chairs for the renovated children section. Last winter, Wahoo Public Library experience a devastating flood that closed its doors for many months. In celebration of its grand reopening, local artist were asked to paint a small child size chair for a display.  Take a look at photos below.

The Magic of a Secret Garden

The inspiration for the design of this chair came from my children. The magic of the warm summers morning sunlight filtering through a blanket fort and reading books aloud while my children explored nature around us.  The stye of painting I chose for the backdrop of the chair is impressionism creating a whimsical tone. While the illustrated style little critters play with the senses.  It is my hope that the chairs will ignite the imagination and inspire the children who view it at Wahoo Public Library.

Jes chair Louchair