Monthly Archives: January 2015

Pencils and Brushes

As many of you already know, I returned to college and will finish my Bachelor’s degree. I am currently in my junior year and look forward to the day that I graduate. The school year is midpoint until conclusion, and I find myself immersed in reading, writing papers and creating class wiki pages. On the rare chance that I have a light school load for the week, I am spending time in front of my easel. I am currently working on the piece from The Light of Nebraska series of the landscape of Seward County Nebraska. After contemplating the progression of the piece. I decided to revisit it and add to the use of color to reflect light. So, I have about four extra hours into the piece and hopefully when classes end for the summer break I will spend more time painting. The conclusion of this series and the resulting art show being pushed back in date due to incomplete pieces. Jes is currently reinvesting in personal space in Florida. Shortly before the holidays he chose not cohabitate nor create with us anymore. If you happen to run into him in person or come across him in the virtual world, please wish him well on his journey.

Until next time my creatives, remember the lines do not exist so slap the paint on!