Alignment of Unfolding

Spring is around the corner, my Creatives. The ground is slowly thawing as a new movement within our mother Earth is gradually making its way to the surface. Every day I am in awe of the movement of Spirit through my life. The alignment of people, places, and events all of which are at the mercy of cause and effect so far this year has me excited to see what else may come into being. As the unfolding of this year’s painting season slowly comes into manifestation, I am grateful for the kindness of the fates after Jes decided to create space elsewhere. While spending my holiday break from school in a cleaning performance deserving admiration of my new solo Master Studio Suite, I discovered many hidden treasures that included many frames and other various painting surfaces and supplies. I was fortunate to discover several large, wood stretcher bars at a local thrift shop, as well as old frames, ready for reinvigoration. Then with the push of a button and the virtual communication doohickey tossing out an email, the most remarkable news arrived. Let’s just say that I was able to restock 20 pre-stretch canvas and 6 yards of rolled canvas at a minimal transfer of legal tender. I will be taking the summer term off from college and will be immersed in creativity, painting and manifesting Vision on Canvas.

Keep it on the Awiya Side of Life my Creatives.

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