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Beauty Path Woman

A Portrait of Starting at the Finish Point

Beautiful evening My Creatives,

Back in 2012 I posted a short story about some profound experiences back in the summer of 2007 called “A Bridge Returning Home.” In that blog post, I recalled the circular nature of spirit flowing through several shared healing experiences. Life has a way of showing us the awe of the journey &  provides us with the confidence, to step forward, and that every journey does indeed return us to our sense and heart space called home. We just have to realign our rhythm to the universe, allow our vision to open to clarity & accept our existence of being creative spirits in a constant process of growth in our physical forms, or a self-portrait if you’re brave. I decided I am brave. As I continue my journey in this lifetime, I chose to pick up where I left off seven years ago and painted a self-portrait.

“Beauty Path Woman” 16” x 20” Acrylic on stretched canvas

 Beauty Path

The swan symbolizes many things, and it varies amongst groups of people. For me, the artist, the Swan encompasses all four of the elements. The first is that of nesting and grounding on the Earth. The second is that of Air and taking flight. The Swan swimming with superlative elegance emphasizes the Water element and emotion. A graceful and elegant bird, the Swan, glides effortlessly through the water reminding us to move gently through the fluxes of life and not battle the flow. The last element is that of Fire and the Swans connection to the Spirit or Soul.

The Swan in the Ugly Ducking story reminds us of the transformative power of Spirit. Reminding us that surrendering to the spiral flow of Great Spirit is to accept the healing and internal transformation. The Swan teaches us that beauty is in all things. The feminine figure representing me floating upon the water in an upright position represents surrendering to the healing and transformative processes of the universe above and trusting the beauty path of healing with Swan medicine.The spiral represents the flow of the universe as well as cycles of life, fertility, and childbirth. Placed on the forehead brings to light the natural intuitive openness to Spirit that we can tap. The water element of this painting represents the emotional nature of transformative thought. The colors within the water bring forth an analytical conversation between the mind and heart. Facing upside down yet face forward asks the viewer of the painting to see the complete surrender and trust of the healing journey, not as contrary to the human condition but rather as an extension of a single truth, just in another direction. I added the toes peeking out of the water as a quirky symbol of grounding of the emotional and feminine nature. It is my hope that you find inner peace and outer calm while viewing my latest work.

Stay on the creative side of life my Creatives!