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An ocean of two’s

Ocean of two

An ocean of two’s

The beginning of my summer started with a prayer asking to “Go to Water.” This ancient concept refers to the idea and practice of going to a sacred body of water and cleaning oneself. However, in this complex and chaotic modern world we swim through, the idea of going to water takes on a different significance. The beginning of my journey to water started with the generosity of a beloved soul sister from my youth. She asked me what I needed, and I replied, a vacation. From that point forward this beautiful Pisces woman extended her water energy and allowed me to swim from the east to the west coast in 10 days.

I journeyed first to New York City to share space with another water soul sister… a Cancer/Scorpio. While there I participated in many shenanigans and grand adventures only two best friends from High School can experience in a city that never sleeps. The multidimensional experiences of going to the MET. Alone I spent 5 hours absorbing the creative energy of the masters then sitting in a coffee shop and watching the inhabitants of NYC flow through the streets as if waves in an ocean. Then off to the west coast to share time and space with the soul sister who opened the floodgates to this entire going to water journey. While in Playa Del Rey California, I spent time near and in the ocean. Most importantly though, was the meeting of other beautiful souls who recognized my journey and opened their home to me which allowed me to continue my sacred journey. As I stood at the waters edge and sang my healing song to the grandmothers of the ocean a wave swept me into the abyss of loving depths within myself.

I returned to my home and soon met a kind Pisces man who journeyed with me through one cycle of the moon pulling and pushing the ocean tides through all the celestial signs. Instead of seeing going to water as being a sole physical place of cleansing the body, it is also an emotional, intellectual and spiritual place. My journey of going to water has allowed me to experience holding myself in gentle kindness as I unfold like the sacred lotus. Also, allowed me to dive into the depths of profound feeling and thought.

This latest piece titled “Ocean of Two’s” I painted while completing a 48 hour fast. I only allowed myself to drink blue water in which the light and energy of the sun and moon charged. I hope you enjoy exploring the multidimensional symbolism of this piece.

Thank you R.S., C.R, M.R., and R.L.D.