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There are things that happen that are just plain happenstance, coincidence, or just blind luck. Then there’s a series of experiences that occur within a circular period that makes meaning in our minds as symbol creating hominids. These experiences are usually known why they happened, and we usually don’t think much of it. However, there are times when the alignment and significance of meaning touch the depths of our soul, the center essence of our sacred fire and we are shaken to the core.

I started to pull out the crystal decanter and glasses and washing them before packing them away. Then the realizations of the past year started to flood into my consciousness. First I pondered the cycle of creation and destruction of personal and sacred space. This has always been an important idea for me as an introverted and highly spiritual person. Then I realized that when this move is done, I would be, in essence, creating new spaces. After this realization, I had flashes of memories from my past when this use to be my mother’s house. For my readers who do not know, this use to be my mother’s home that we co-owed for many years. My mother passed away November 9, 2013. As you may have noticed, this anniversary is in a few days. This time last year I cut off 7” of my hair in a symbolic and culturally acceptable way to mourn the death of my mother. Also, I wore a ring of hers, and It was a plain ring with an angel skin opal in it. Well, the other day, Monday to be exact, I looked down at my finger and realized that the stone had fallen out. I blurted out “Oh great, I will not find it until I move”. Well, by the next day I was informed that my house would be relocated to make room for urban development, and my house would be moving within 60 days. Thanks for the warning mom! What I have realized is that my journey through the mourning process and healing the wounds from the mother/daughter relationships has come full circle and now its time to allow my hair to grow out again. My mother is no longer in the Crone role, and I feel that it was my year to transform from the Mother to the Crone energies within my female line. I have come into my medicine so to speak. With the move of this house, it will almost be like new with a new address, the creation of new space, and emerging into my wisdom. Who knows I may just be lucky enough to find that lost opal. Now back to packing.

My Mother & Lily
My Mother & Lily 2001