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Moving not to move in color




Moving not to move in color…. a hair pulling POV

The gray shades of winter bring many opportunities to see the truth within color as form. As many of you already know from other blog posts and Face Book statuses that I am in the middle of moving. Well, the previous sentence is really an understatement for sure. Due to economic growth in my small farming community of 4,500 people, myself along with 15 other families in the vicinity are having their homes physically relocated a mile across town. So, I have been preparing to move out of and into my house by the first of the year. Many of you have reached out and expressed concern for the amount of things going on and the volume of business in my life. Thank you for your love, offers of assistance, emails, texts, tweets, and concern. I continue to balance life well and make time for the people that matter to me.

As we continue to pack and prepare for this drill in moving not to move, I found myself pulled to unpack a few things. Not to quit on the task of relocation rather an exercise in closure. First, I located a painting that I started a couple of years ago. It was a female study about perspective, viewing the viewer through form. The palette is of no distinction other than it is pleasing to a classical eye. However, the subject is facing away from the viewer, creating a dualistic perspective. This perspective is seeing the vulnerability of her back facing form. As I was unpacking my oil paints and a few brushes today, I began to contemplate the idea of perspective not only an artist viewing my creation but also a viewer of the vulnerabilities and experiences of other in this world. Regardless of how I rotated around this idea I continued to be pulled to the idea of value. Not value as in the values of a color in a painting, but in the qualities we choose to cultivate such as treating others with respect; perhaps the integrity that each of us discovers and values within one another. Just as this woman, in my painting, is viewing something that we cannot see, is it our judgments of the unseen or her vulnerabilities that devalues her?


I am taking these uncomfortable changes in stride, flowing with the go and observing how the paint dries regardless if some experiences leave a bad taste in my mouth. I may not know what you, my 1,000+ readers, see in my blog posts or be able to see the expression on all your faces after you look up from reading one. Regardless, I value the time you took to hold my words in space, contemplation and view the viewer.

Thank you.

Until next time my creative, stay on the Awiya Side of Life.