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Left Handed Beans



Physical therapy continues 3 times a week. The physical therapists that work with me have been compassionate and wonderful! They take into consideration that my goal is not just to live with a stiff wrist, but having as much range of motion restored possible so I can paint comfortably again.

This week I started a couple of new exercises. This one was the most challenging of them all. I had to pick up pinto beans with different finger combinations. The thumb and pinky is the most difficult. I cannot begin to explain the physical pain nor the frustration.

Painting is my go to place of solace, sanctuary, meditation, medicine, magic, and communion with the ethereal and universe. It’s been a couple of weeks since tried to paint last. So I am going to try today and continue on with the mini paintings I started and hope it’s more of a right than a left handed day.


Thank you my friends for your outpouring of messages, emails, text and phone calls of support and lov.. I love you all.

Stay on the creative side of life my friends.





Sun flower- the left hand series

2″x4″ acrylic on canvas …