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Reflection of the day!

I was a 42 yr old Single mom of 3, supported my children through High School & off into college. Long 65-70 hours a work week, did homework whenever I could, and managed living with Multiple Sclerosis. Not only did I finish & graduate with my Bachelors in Adult Education but finished my Masters in Instructional Design & Technology. This last May, with 2 broken wrists and dictation – voice to text – and a stylus in my mouth on an iPad, my thesis paper/project were completed . Now at 48 years old, I received my Master’s degree diploma yesterday.

Both Universities not only recognized me as a artist but celebrated my art in annual publications.

Thank you, my creatives, for supporting me through 6 years of growth, and tumbles. The responses, comments, personal emails and shares mean so much to me.

Stay tuned for the next grand adventure.

Convey a feeling

I’m sitting here, in my studio, looking at the first layer of paint on this 12″ x 4″ perched on my easel.

I think back on that cold crisp morning walking down to Shwabacher landing. The sun is just peeking over the eastern horizon onto the mountains and shrouded them in cool blue tones. As the sun continue to rise over the horizon the mountains were painted with light. I could imagine the old masters sitting out in nature with their canvas and paints and their brushstrokes trying to capture the changing light.

I found myself just standing there and watching the sun paint layer after layer of color upon the Teton mountains in Wyoming.

The mountains basking in layers of undertones of purples and gray then growing mid of blue and green and highlights of gold pink and yellows all in the matter of an hour.

It was the most beautiful visual experience I’ve ever witnessed.

Thinking, looking at my little canvas, can I express my experience?

Stay on the Awiya side of life!