About Louise



American Artist Louise Ellis explores the boundaries of painting in various pigment mediums. Leaning heavily towards Impressionism, Louise pushes beyond the boundaries of established painting practices towards Awiya.

Awiya, meaning “light moving through” or creativity is a unique creative process which encompasses contemplation, intuition and design principles rarely used together.

Movement of light. Passion for life. Reverence for the creative process of expression.

Louise studied fine art at Minneapolis College of Art & Design and Bellevue University and continued to be a self-taught artist.

Louise was featured as an emerging American artist in the BU Bellwether Magazine June 2016. In 2019 Louise’s work was featured in the annual magazine “Motif” at CU Chicago. Filtering life through Multiple Sclerosis, Louise explores her ever-changing visual perceptions as she creates through light and form. When Louise is not being a very busy and sought after Painter, she can be found drawing, painting, or gently creating in her private life.

Louise asks you to join her on a unique journey through creativity and the process of bringing your vision on a canvas.

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