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American Artist Louise Ellis explores the boundaries of painting in various pigment mediums. Leaning heavily towards Impressionism, Louise pushes beyond the boundaries of established painting practices towards Awiya. Awiya, meaning “light moving through” or creativity is a unique creative process which encompasses contemplation, intuition and design principles rarely used together. Movement of light. Passion for life. Reverence for the creative process of expression. Louise studied fine art at Minneapolis College of Art & Design and Bellevue University and continues to be a self-taught artist. Louise was featured as an emerging American artist in the BU Bellwether Magazine June 2016. Filtering life through Multiple Sclerosis, Louise explores her ever changing visual perceptions as she creates through light and form. When Louise is not being a very busy and sought after Painter, she can be found drawing, painting, or gently creating in her private life. Louise asks you to join her on a unique journey through creativity and the process of bringing your vision to canvas.

#American Zed

Finished 16” x 20” acrylic on stretch canvas

So I spent about a half an hour writing a blog post about this latest painting. Unfortunately when I pressed publish it disappeared. I have no idea where it went and I was like darn it that was a great blog post if I do say so myself.

Here I go again. A couple of years ago when my daughter Lily graduated from high school and at her graduation party we created a photo booth that included a handheld Polaroid style type frame made out of white eraser board. Guests could group together and write on the bottom with dry eraser markers on the bottom of the Polaroid goofy, cheesy, wise sayings or hashtags or the what not and then hold the frame up and then take a picture.

Well one of the pictures that was taken is represented in this painting. When it was taken I thought it was cute but it wasn’t until I saw the picture a few days later that it really spoke to me on so many levels.

First, this picture immediately reminded me of American Gothic painting by Grant Wood. It is said that Grant Wood in the 1930s went back to Iowa where he was from and saw an old farmhouse. He was inspired and wanted to do a satirical painting about the architecture of an old Iowa farm house. He titled the painting of the old farm house & its farmer & wife “American Gothic” as in reference to the lack of Gothic style architecture and it being the Midwest’s version. It’s further written that he utilized his sister and his dentist as models for this painting.

So now this is my version of a satirical painting of what I envision of a young Generation Z couple would look like on the World Wide Web posting on different social media sites, sharing their selfie’s.

I give you #AmericanZEd


Last week I spent a few hours in the studio working on this piece. I think I might do a version of this one in oil. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked in oil. Perhaps leaning more towards an impressionist style. This one will be in a pop art style when I’m done. I guess the vibe I get from Generation Z is not only one of being seen and being heard but also being felt. Through the layers of color and shape, it is my hope to express the heart of a generation through an image.

Seeing through a layer

This is a work in progress … #America Zed

This is a portrait of my daughter Lily (Oriana Designs) & a classmate at her graduation a couple of years ago. It reminded me of America Gothic by Grant Wood. However, in this modern rendition, the couple is holding a Polaroid style photo frame, in classic Generation Z (or Zed) style selfie posing. The bottom of the frame will have the Hash tag #American Zed.

My style of painting with acrylics is likened to water colors. However, the paint fluctuates in thickness. Through thin layers of color applied on top of each other, I get a hybrid color. Instead of a solid mixed tone or color and blob it on. It’s a bit more time consuming, but the effect is visually dynamic. This is stage 3 layers of thin colors… cadmium red, medium yellow hue, Payne’s grey, and white.

Hope to have time to paint in the studio this Sunday… my sanctuary time… I am very excited about this painting.

Stay on the Awiya Side of Life my loves.


I was recently listening to a guest speaker at a gathering. One of the main ideas that was conveyed included framing the constant process of change. That idea really hit me deep. I am always in awe of the synchronicity of hearing what I need to hear to support me win my growth. Since I broke my wrist in late May, it has been a struggle to heal and regain full use of my hand. However, I do in some ways and I do not in other ways have use of my hand. While contemplating the idea of transformation as a continuous process of change, I began to slowly accept and embrace that my painting style and the physical process of creation will never be the same. Yet, the internal process of Awiya, the settling of the spirit within to allow creativity to flow.


I’m currently working on another seascape from the North Sea at Whitby Harbor. 59390463995__E3E5EC39-19FA-4FC7-A509-69524CB77C48.jpeg




Reflection of the day!

I was a 42 yr old Single mom of 3, supported my children through High School & off into college. Long 65-70 hours a work week, did homework whenever I could, and managed living with Multiple Sclerosis. Not only did I finish & graduate with my Bachelors in Adult Education but finished my Masters in Instructional Design & Technology. This last May, with 2 broken wrists and dictation – voice to text – and a stylus in my mouth on an iPad, my thesis paper/project were completed . Now at 48 years old, I received my Master’s degree diploma yesterday.

Both Universities not only recognized me as a artist but celebrated my art in annual publications.

Thank you, my creatives, for supporting me through 6 years of growth, and tumbles. The responses, comments, personal emails and shares mean so much to me.

Stay tuned for the next grand adventure.

Convey a feeling

I’m sitting here, in my studio, looking at the first layer of paint on this 12″ x 4″ perched on my easel.

I think back on that cold crisp morning walking down to Shwabacher landing. The sun is just peeking over the eastern horizon onto the mountains and shrouded them in cool blue tones. As the sun continue to rise over the horizon the mountains were painted with light. I could imagine the old masters sitting out in nature with their canvas and paints and their brushstrokes trying to capture the changing light.

I found myself just standing there and watching the sun paint layer after layer of color upon the Teton mountains in Wyoming.

The mountains basking in layers of undertones of purples and gray then growing mid of blue and green and highlights of gold pink and yellows all in the matter of an hour.

It was the most beautiful visual experience I’ve ever witnessed.

Thinking, looking at my little canvas, can I express my experience?

Stay on the Awiya side of life!

A painting from many colors

Stephen & I are once again traveling. This time we are exploring the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. I am in visual heaven. We woke up & were on the road by 5:30am to Schwaybacher Landing. We hiked down a little path to the waters edge. Stephen set up his photography gear & I used my iPhone. Here’s a panorama I took just after sunrise on this chilly fall morning. This will be printed & painted. The colors are stunning here. My right hand is aching to paint again.

Stay on the Awiya side of life my friends.

Left Handed Beans



Physical therapy continues 3 times a week. The physical therapists that work with me have been compassionate and wonderful! They take into consideration that my goal is not just to live with a stiff wrist, but having as much range of motion restored possible so I can paint comfortably again.

This week I started a couple of new exercises. This one was the most challenging of them all. I had to pick up pinto beans with different finger combinations. The thumb and pinky is the most difficult. I cannot begin to explain the physical pain nor the frustration.

Painting is my go to place of solace, sanctuary, meditation, medicine, magic, and communion with the ethereal and universe. It’s been a couple of weeks since tried to paint last. So I am going to try today and continue on with the mini paintings I started and hope it’s more of a right than a left handed day.


Thank you my friends for your outpouring of messages, emails, text and phone calls of support and lov.. I love you all.

Stay on the creative side of life my friends.





Sun flower- the left hand series

2″x4″ acrylic on canvas …