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Space that time built


While planning for my trip to the UK, I spent a considerable amount of time deciding what I wanted to accomplish while there. One of the ideas that kept popping up, was that of old rock walls. Not necessarily the defensive walls around an old castle or the strategic military historical sites but rather, the space that time built. The walls that I am referring to are the ones that were built as field boundaries by farmers.

I am fascinated by the idea of these drystone walls. The research that I’ve done has revealed that most if not all of these walls could contain stones and be as old as the tradition themselves. The art and tradition of constructing these drystone walls date back as far as the iron age. Further my ponderings as I photographed old drystone walls and fields along the countryside, I found myself thinking that even though the activities on one side of the wall was grazing sheep and cows, so too was the other farmer, on the other side of the wall. However, it was indeed the space that was defined by the drystones walls. As if the partition designs the walls created throughout the land defined the character of the area.

The same could be said for the wooden boundaries created by the stretcher bars of the artist’s canvas. Given, it’s not as beautiful as the natural landscape of the English countryside. However, it is also a space that time built and hopefully the resulting art is as timeless and appreciated as the ancient drystone walls.

It is my hope over the coming year to completed a series of paintings from my experiences and photographs from my time exploring in the UK.

Location: North Yorkshire Moors National Park

Photographer: Lou Ewers


Exploring color and form

     Now that I’ve had a chance to go through the majority of my photos from my U.K. Trip I’m settling in to exploring the images in greater depth.  I’ve seen some artist grab a reference photo and as if in robot mode paint the image in expected color combination and with a boring palette. The end result may be “technically” in vogue and aesthetically pleasing but does it have passion? Life? Awiya? 

     As I explore this reference photo of the North Sea I am flooded with memories of how the cool and moist wind felt on my skin. The brilliance of color and how different the light bathed everything. The sea was a blue grey color I’ve never seen in real life. As I explored the North Sea from the beach, on a boat and walking along the peer at different times of day, the suns light changed the appearance of the sea from blue-grey to light pale blue, silver, and liquid gold floating on a silver surface. 

     Living in Nebraska, relatively in the middle of the country, I have grown accustomed to the orange, red and dark yellow sunsets. The coloring of Midwest light from the dust, pollution, and heat within the atmosphere of a heavy agricultural state. 

     I will enjoy every moment as I explore this reference photo, unedited, edited and diving deep into my memory and allow Awiya to flow through me as I prepare for a series of North Sea paintings. 

Stay on the Awiya Side of Life my Creatives. 

Shifting Light

Spring is in the air, and I am in transition as well.

As many of my readers know, I circled the past few years completing a BA in Adult Education. That has come to a conclusion, and a diploma is in hand. I have decided to continue my education and go to graduate school. I am intrigued and curious about the process of learning. So, I am pursuing an MS in Instructional Design and Technology. I start CU Chicago Fall 2017.

Until then, I am in creative, Awiya, mode. A grand adventure to the U.K. has been planned and all travel arrangements completed. I will not disclose the travel dates because this is a publicly posted blog and well, yeah don’t really need to know, unless I need you to know, you know? ;D I will not be posting here until after the fact.

In the meantime, I am preparing a packing list. Yes, I need some organization to support my free spirited nature of exploration. Otherwise, I will be in complete chaos and probably end up in Italy. Well, that would not be too bad of an idea. However, the UK is the destination. I was contemplating what to pack and well, what type of art materials I would be taking with me. Some considerations for this trip included that I will not be traveling alone. My companion Stephen and my daughter Lily will be joining me.

I am excited for this trip for a couple of reasons.The first, this will be my first overseas trip. The second, I get to Plein air create while I am there. The third, my daughter, Lily, will have her senior pictures taken at Harry Potter film locations throughout England. English photographer, Stephen Smith, my companion, will have the honors of photographing throughout our trip. Why settle for the faux Hogsmeade Village at Disney when you can step off the North Yorkshire Moors steam train at Goathland rail station in England and visit the local village?  Say “Butter Beer” … click…click…click.

Now back to my list of art supplies. While I need to be mobile as possible while traversing the U.K. I really didn’t want to attempt to get my paints, canvas, etc. through customs and then lug around a heavy backpack through the countryside and Englands National Parks. However, the pull to use color and light in a creative way continues to tug at me.

Circling back around to the idea of Shifting Light and one transition into another. Over the course of a year, in conjunction with the tattoo artisan Scott Phillips, I now have an entire left sleeve tattoo. Yeah, that is Goddess Leia on my bicep. I need to update my photos since I have had more work done since these photos. I do plan on getting some ink work done while I am in the Uk, perhaps London.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now onto the connection between creating with color and light while in the UK and tattoos. One evening, while sitting under the tattoo gun getting some ink therapy done with Scott Phillips, he mentioned that he was given some Van Gogh oil pastels from the Netherlands that he would not use and wondered if I could use them. Of course! Who would not want to use high-grade art materials? So, I graciously accepted these oil pastels and had been waiting for the moon and stars to align and an inspiring, soul moving and AWIYA moment to arise for their use. I will be taking the with me to the UK. I purchased some new pastel paper to take along in my artist satchel as well. Now I can sit in the middle of a field, somewhere, anywhere in the North Yorkshire Moors National Forest, alongside the ruins of a castle or on the shores of the North Sea in Scotland and create using light and color. I will continue to call this Plein Air Painting since the oil pastels are still a form of applied pigment on an artist surface.

This trip will yield not only a series of Plein air creations on paper but also reference photos from my companion for many painting to come. I will complete a “Light of…. ” from pallet to canvas series from this trip.

When I return from the UK, the Light of Nebraska Series needs to be completed with an art showing then donation awards. Then I will move on to the UK series. I believe the UK series will eventually become a book series idea that my companion and I have been kicking around.

The Awiya Side of Life is in full swing and surfing the tides in grand style. Here’s until next time my creatives.

Happy Reminder 

As most of my regular and long time readers know, I returned to college a couple of years ago to finish my degree. In a couple of weeks I will be embarking on my last year. However, I received an email today regarding last year. I made it on the Deans List last semester and am just being informed now.  Giggle. Thanks for the reminder that in due time and with persistent hard work Happy reminders will find their way to brighten your day. Thanks BU!  Best of success to everyone returning to school this fall. Brain food on!

Light of Nebraska Update

Hello, my creatives,

It’s been a slow process from being to end. However, there is light at the end of the… road. HA, thought I was going to say the tunnel. Now that our original venue for the collective showing of paintings has recovered from the flood and reopened, it’s planning time and selecting an available time slot. All the painting were inspired from multiple counties in Nebraska and will be shown together for a free, one-month public viewing. Then the paintings will be donated to the respective libraries in those counties. And just think, it’s all because of a collaborative effort between you, our supporters and the artists of The Awiya Project. As soon as the details have been arranged, I will bring you into the loop.