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Seeing through a layer

This is a work in progress … #America Zed

This is a portrait of my daughter Lily (Oriana Designs) & a classmate at her graduation a couple of years ago. It reminded me of America Gothic by Grant Wood. However, in this modern rendition, the couple is holding a Polaroid style photo frame, in classic Generation Z (or Zed) style selfie posing. The bottom of the frame will have the Hash tag #American Zed.

My style of painting with acrylics is likened to water colors. However, the paint fluctuates in thickness. Through thin layers of color applied on top of each other, I get a hybrid color. Instead of a solid mixed tone or color and blob it on. It’s a bit more time consuming, but the effect is visually dynamic. This is stage 3 layers of thin colors… cadmium red, medium yellow hue, Payne’s grey, and white.

Hope to have time to paint in the studio this Sunday… my sanctuary time… I am very excited about this painting.

Stay on the Awiya Side of Life my loves.

Cycle Continues to Spin

Phase 2 of The Awiya Project is up & running!

Jes & I have initiated the 2 nd crowd funding phase of The Awiya Project.


While the 1st campaign only generate $100 , none the less, it helped us purchase items needed to put the final touches on 2 paintings &  2 tubes of paint contributed to 1 new painting. All of which were donated. Check out our latest  video!



Stay on the Awiya Side my Creatives!


The Awiya Project~ Thank you

The last painting of the current project has been delivered!

I want to thank our donors, supporters and recipiants for participating in The Awiya Project! We were given an amazing opportunity to share our talents & abilities with others. Connect with other artists, community fundraising events & organizations and lovers of art.

 This experience has refueled our passion and drive to continue to paint and donate our art for the benefit of others.

A Heartfelt Thank you cannot express the gratitude we feel for sharing in this experience with you.


Finding the Hidden Gems: DIG it!

Every day as I read the news, I find it disconcerting that I have to filter through the negativity of politics and the violence. Then just as I think my search through the conflict was in vain, a hidden gems of compassion, unconditional giving and humanity at our best appears in a little news blurb on a back page. Why is that?

Shouldn’t the best of humanity be on the FRONT PAGE? Here’s a call out to all major news organization…. Stop feeding us crap news! Stop reinforcing the destructive behaviors of others by showcasing them up front and centered.

Here’s a few Gems that I’ve found so far this week, hidden away, awaiting to be discovered.

“Graduation Gifts that Give Back” 

The Huffington Post brought us this little article & slide show with suggestions about buying gifts for the new graduates in your life. The entire idea is about expanding the significance of giving that benefits the Whole. I really like the idea of buying relevent items for the graduate, like buying a medicine kit for the soon to be med student that also provides one for families in need. That’s what I call “D.I.G.” Direct Impact Giving that benefits the whole. Take a look at the other ideas as the Graduates in your family continue to stroll across the stage to receive their diplomas and begin a new adventure!

“7 Omaha families move into new Homes”

Habitat for Humanity builds 7 homes in 7 days!

WOW! Talk about hammers flying for 7 days! KETV Channel 7 in Omaha has followed this story from beginning to end. I LOVE Habitat for Humanity and what they do! Yet another clear example of “DIG” Direct Impact Giving. Check out in your area if Habitat for Humanity has a “ReStore” store.

Omaha Restore 

“Simple, decent shelter is a basic human need. Habitat for Humanity of Omaha’s ReStore, a discount retail outlet, addresses the issue of poverty housing in two ways:
  • by providing an affordable way for community members to purchase building materials and home fixtures for maintaining and fixing up their homes, and
  • by using 100 percent of net proceeds to help fund Habitat for Humanity of Omaha.” 

Warriors Put Their Limits To The Test

“The Warrior Dash invaded Nebraska for the first time Saturday as more than 20,000 participants descended on Louisville for a 5k race meant to push you to the limit.” WOWT Channel 6 Omaha News. 

Personally, Im not a runner. However, next year when The Warrior Dash rolls around, I will be volunteering! An Amazing event that utilizes the concept of “For the Community by the Community” to a new level of Direct Impact Giving!

Warrior Dash

“Warrior Dash provides monetary donations to local organizations that volunteer at events. By volunteering at Warrior Dash, local organizations such as athletic teams, nearby school and non-profit organizations are able to raise funds based on the number of group members who volunteer at Warrior Dash. Warrior Dash has a national partnership with Green Sneakers, a program under the non-profit organization, Crown Ministry Group. At each event, Warrior Dash participants have the option to donate their used sneakers after the event at each race. Participants are also encouraged to bring new or lightly worn shoes for donation.”
Green Sneakers

According to Green Sneakers,

“Through the use of the Green Sneakers program, charities are able to raise the funds they require to meet local needs, all while helping support needs on a global scale through the reuse of collected sneakers as affordable footwear to people in need around the world. This activity greatly improves economic conditions in developing nations and provides sustainable job opportunities where they otherwise would not exist. In cases of great humanitarian need, collected sneakers are distributed through reputable relief agencies with the appropriate mechanisms in place to effectively engage in this level of aide.”
Hope you enjoy these little hidden Gems! 

Every article I read online about  an individual, family, community or organization that has developed a new and creative way to express “Direct Impact Giving”, I get inspired. I hope by sharing what inspires me and motivates me to continue in my efforts with The Awiya Project, will also inspire you . Stay on The Awiya Side of Life my creatives!


You can find me on twitter @awiya where I share more links to the hidden gems I find and share to inspire a new revolution of giving and a new cycle of compassion .

A Bridge Returning Home

A Bridge Returning Home.

A Bridge Returning Home

Bridge Home

I awoke to the morning’s glow filtering through the blinds of my window. The suns lights, filtered and glistening upon the surface of the unfinished self-portrait sitting on the easel. Believe it or not, this was my first attempt. A dear & beloved artist companion stated something that pierced the veil of my inner world. He offered a spiral glance connecting spirit and self through reflective painting. If we are brave to paint person, then the journey will be profound. The process is to see through self-created facade & come face to face with clarity, the truth of our existence, taking great courage to see self so clearly & even more strength to paint it. As I gazed at the reflection on the canvas of somewhat similarity, I realized that I only painted a sense of awe and subtle confidence in expression. The rest, well, I don’t know whom I was painting. I put the painting away.

That afternoon I walked down to the County parade with the kids. We moved back to my hometown a few months prior, and I wanted my children to enjoy this annual community event. I haven’t been to one since I was in High School & was one of the cheerleaders dancing with pompoms down the street to the pounding drum line of the Warriors Marching Band. Tractors were pulling floats & children scrambling around the curb waiting for parade participants to throw candy. As parade participants walk by, a young gal with bright pink hair and a tiara handed me a newspaper. In huge letters on the front-page “BRIDGE COLLAPSE A MYSTERY.”

How ironic it seems that the timing of events impact others more or less on a variety of levels as it serves to reason to the majority no connection as at all. Alternatively, is there?

The 1st thought to arise from the swirl of emotion within “ Returning Home.” I posted a blog a while back that mentioned that I was homeless for a short period in 1989 between leaving Minneapolis College of Art & Design and returning to Nebraska. Well, it was under that bridge in Minneapolis that I sought shelter.
As I sat on the curb that parade day, my spirit and mind submerged in memories forgotten those many years ago. I thought, as most do, that I had already let it go. However, apparently, my Spirit wasn’t finished with this experience. A profound sense of returning home swelled within me. A surreal moment unfolded while watching the small town parade gliding down the main street. Images moving in slow motion as my mind, heart, body & spirit aligned as I realized that I was supposed to remember not for me, but for a kind soul who texted me a few moments later, that he who had found himself homeless in a strange place miles from home, would be coming back to Nebraska.

My heart reached out, through the ethereal time & space. The beautiful, creative soul reached out to me, despite his darkest of nights. He extended his hand and afforded me the generosity of his heart, time & wisdom when life offered him only small moments of joy on the streets.   After my friend had arrived in Arizona, he arranged for me to receive his easel. This heartfelt gift, initiations spark in the creative processes and picking up my brushes despite the visual deterioration from my MS.

Then on this Parade day, a day of circular healing energy, my dearest of companions was no longer on the streets and would be returning not only to Nebraska but also to himself to continue his healing process. Life has a way of showing us the awe of the journey &  provides us with the confidence, stepping forward, and that every journey does indeed return us home. We have to slow our rhythm down, see clearly & accept our existence of being creative spirits in a constant process of growth in our physical forms, or a self-portrait if you’re brave. I am brave.

Stay on The Awiya Side of Life My Creatives!

Igniting the Spin

Just got back from delivering the painting & The Awiya Project packet for Crystal & Chloe’s benefit. It warms my heart to be part of this Cycle of Compassion.


Fantabulous Sweet

We’ve sweetened the pot @The Awiya Project on Indiegogo.com with Fantabulous perks for contributors! Have a sweet tooth for Art… Check it out!