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The Awiya Project~ Thank you

The last painting of the current project has been delivered!

I want to thank our donors, supporters and recipiants for participating in The Awiya Project! We were given an amazing opportunity to share our talents & abilities with others. Connect with other artists, community fundraising events & organizations and lovers of art.

 This experience has refueled our passion and drive to continue to paint and donate our art for the benefit of others.

A Heartfelt Thank you cannot express the gratitude we feel for sharing in this experience with you.


Garden Vision

New Painting ready for The Awiya Project



“Garden Vision” by Lou Ewers for The Awiya Project

Embracing The Awiya Side of Life

Experiences have a deep and profound way of shaping us. It was life altering experiences that have led Jes and I to value our creative process, our art in a way that is not typical of sales driven artists.

After a series of personal losses, a car accident and unforeseen career events starting in early 2006, Jes went from Corporate Management here in the Midwest to living on the streets, homeless, in Glendale, Arizona by early 2007.

Jes was blogging on Myspace about his experiences of being homeless and he was “friended” by a local realtor. While sleeping one night on the streets, Jes was robbed of all his art and artist materials. After blogging about that experience, the realtors, Sonja & Matt, contacted Jes.

Here is an exert from the blog Jes wrote from the public library he sought refuge from the unrelenting heat of Arizona.

“So, i sat in the air conditioned second home of mine (if you can call my bench home – which i do lol), felt a presence walking towards me and looked up, and there was her smiling, if a tad nervous, face, followed in toe by that of her boyfriend (which i dont mind admitting that the initial look on his face made me think he was uncomfortable – hell, why shouldn’t he be – i was – and he had far more to lose).

so, they sat down. and she had brought with her a very nice backpack, which she informed me (she thought) contained the items i needed. not wanting to appear as eager as i actually was for having it be taken the wrong way, i glance quickly enough to see that indeed it was all there. not only that, but it was infact of better quality that i would have purchased myself – i quoted her what i thought the lower grade materials (the hobby grade stuff) would cost. i was immediately flabbergasted. and speechless. the sudden rush of gratitude was overwhelming. i was having a hard time accepting the reality of what was happening. someone i didnt know was giving me the leg up i needed, and did so with a kind of grace and kindness i have not experienced here. “

In 1989 I was living in Minneapolis attending MCAD, Minneapolis College of Art and Design. By the time my first semester ended I was told that my father was ill. After experiencing being homeless, a young artist in Minneapolis, I hitched hike home to Nebraska. My father struggled with cancer that spread from his throat to brain tumors, bone and internal organs. Radiation and chemo were unsuccessful. I assisted my mother with taking care of my father at home, until he die in September 1991. I was 20 years old. Heartbroken with the loss of my father, my biggest supporter of my art, I put my paint brushes down and started a career working with a nonprofit organization.

10 years later in 2001 when I had my first attack of Multiple Sclerosis that left me with a complete visual split and bilateral nystagmus (uncontrolled eye spasms) and the wisdom & encouragement of a Beloved Uncle, Dr JT Garrett, in 2005 that I picked up my brushes and returned to painting to assist in my recovery & visual therapy. Reclaiming my visual creativity and seeing the world with new eyes.


Jes & I have a strong passion that drives our desire to be of service to others, inspire creativity and hope, and utilize our talents and abilities as artists that will directly impact the quality of life for others. Thus The Awiya Project was created>

What’s up Lou?

Website Updated!

New friends of The Awiya Project are added. If you would like to exchange website links… lets me know!


The Awiya Project Packet:

Putting together an Information Packet for The Murrow Indians Children’s Home in Muskogee, OK.


Painting in the Studio:

Finishing up my latest painting and preparing the canvas for the next.


Stay On the Awiya Side of Life My Creatives!




What’s Lou up to?


Making my morning social rounds on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, reading & answering emails.  Jes has completed his 2nd cup of coffee and is setting up to paint for a couple of hours before work. I’m waiting for my current painting on my easel to set up a bit more before I finish the last details. White oil paint takes the longest to set up and dry. So, its computer time for me, hanging with our children, the dogs and a load or two of laundry before Jes and I head out to work.

Yep, it’s true, Jes and I are working professional artists for The Awiya Project and we have day jobs!

Have a Great Holiday Weekend and stay on The Awiya Side of Life my Creatives!

The Spin Continues

Gifts of Compassion Update

Benefit for Crystal, Clhoe and Cory has been set for June 30, 2012. We wish you all the best in your fundraising efforts! 

We’ve Got Your Back: The Power of Pink Update

The 2012 Relay for Life in Saunders County, Ne has been set for June 8, 2012.  Best wishes RFL! 

What’s Lou up to today?

Jes is applying another layer  of paint on the current painting he has on his easel. While that layer firms ups, Jes and I will head out on an art supply run. We are picking up mineral spirits, frames and artists  panels. I will be sitting in front of my easel this afternoon!  

New Video and Updates

New Video and Updates!

What’s Lou up to today?

I’m speaking with a young woman from Alabama today who is in the process of organizing a benefit powwow for Native American Community schools. This is an exciting time to be part of The Awiya Project!

Contributors: Join The Awiya Project’s Cycle of Compassion

The Awiya Project: Art that Gives created a Cycle of Compassion and Ignited the Spin by donating our time, talent, materials and complete collection to jump start our direct impact project.

Contributors, we NEED you! It’s that clear! We have 26 days to reach closer to our goal!

Jes and I have invested our entire life’s work as artists into this project and that will only sustain The Awiya Project for a short period of time.

In 2012 community charities, local benefits and public fund raisers are at an all time high across the country. Many cannot compete with the larger organization events that auction off exotic trip packages, and luxury items.

The Awiya Project has a direct impact on families and neighbors who have a tragic accident or disease with mounting medical bills/ foreclosure. Your local community centers that serve the elderly and children who face budget cuts and are seeing after school programs and elderly meal programs come to an end. Small community Public libraries that cut hours and programs because of budgets and low attendance. The inclusion of high quality professional art in fund raisers, benefit/charity auctions and sales can help generate high dollar funds where it’s needed- in the families & communities across this country.

More and more local organizations are reaching out to their communities to generate funds. Last week I was told a story about a man suffering from prostate cancer who sold his own grill and tools just to help pay for his medical bills and avoid going into foreclosure on his house.

What The Awiya Project Needs:

Art supplies- paint, mediums, mineral spirits, canvas, stretchers, frames and shipping costs & materials.

Why Does the Awiya Project Artists Need Art Materials:

To paint quality art paintings that WE, you the contributor & us the artist, donates to charity, benefit auctions & public places. Lets inspire others to participate in their community, generate high dollar funds for the local charity /individual benefit sale/auctions. Let’s make a direct difference in our communities and in people’s lives.

How you can help The Awiya Project:

Contributions from you make this possible. Contribute $10, $20, whatever you can afford When you contribute through indiegogo you will receive perks at contributor levels and be part of this new cycle of compassion.

What does The Awiya Project artist get for painting? :

The artists contributes their time and talent for the creation of high quality art and the heartfelt experience of donating the painting to help Individuals, groups, organizations and communities. Art that Gives.

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Spread the word

Thank you for your support, contributions and being part of our Cycle of Compassion. Its time for a new kind of Revolution!

Igniting the Spin

Just got back from delivering the painting & The Awiya Project packet for Crystal & Chloe’s benefit. It warms my heart to be part of this Cycle of Compassion.


Cycle of Compassion: Igniting the Spin

When we are young children, we learn through experience to share, socialize and make friends. We learned that when we are mean, hit another or be selfish and not share, that child won’t be our friend and less likely to share and even hit back.

As adults we learn this refined art of emotional socialization by being part of our family, community and part of a larger human population. It is part of our greater society that we teach our children generosity, kindness, and the beginnings to understand compassion.

Compassion is generally defined as an empathy and sympathy for the suffering of others, to suffer together. Yet philosophy and the great religions teach us an in-depth understanding of compassion as alleviating the suffering of others,yet not exactly how to demonstrate a compassionate response to the empathy we experience.

One way is to question yourself and ask is “In what ways has my compassionate feelings, in all its depths, given rise to an active desire to alleviate another’s suffering?”

Jes and I feel so passionate about The Awiya Project that we have pulled all our current art work OFF the market and placed our entire collection into The Awiya Project to Ignite the Spin. Also, we have dedicated all print sales of our work through Fine Art America to The Awiya Project as to continue this Cycle of Compassion that is in motion.

The Awiya Project donates time and talent of the artist to create quality art for medium to small individual and organization benefit auctions/sales. So they can generate high dollar funds for their events. This is our Cycle of Compassion.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank You!


Lou Ewers Co Founder of The Awiya Project  & Artist

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