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Hello My Creatives! Delighted Spring!


Winter has faded away into the distant crevasses of our memories and summer is almost shining strong.


Spiraling updates to get you back into the cycle of compassion again.


I finished another year of college classes and am ready for a summer off to paint.

My mother died this past November and now she joins my father who died 23 years ago. Jes had his cervical discectomy with fusion on c5-c6 April 2nd and continues to recuperate.  It is his hope to be back in front of his easel in the coming months. We rescued a 5week old Silver Pinsche puppy. He is now 6 months old and his name is Lego.



The paintings from The Light of Nebraska are ready for showing. However, over the winter months, our local library experienced devastating water damage from broken water pipes in the ceiling. They are currently serving the public on a limited basis from another location. Now I am in search of another venue for a showing and then distribution of the paintings to the corresponding county libraries. As soon as arrangements have been made, I will make a formal announcement with all the details and pictures.


Stay tuned my Creatives for refreshing updates on our website at Ewers Fine Art and new pieces. Currently select pieces are available for purchase now on our site.  Also available are canvas and paper prints of our entire collection through Fine Art America-Lou and Fine Art America- Jes


Cleansing the Creative Palette

Creative Palette

With the fall weather approaching a little bit every day I took the opportunity in between paintings, for The Awiya Projects: Palette to Canvas The Light of Nebraska series, to design and sew Grace a couple of coats. I repurposed fabric from the thrift store & a women’s coats to make these. Now I am ready for painting #2.



Jes has a different process to switch gears from one palette to another. Here’s his warm up painting, which will be a beautiful addition to our living room.


Check back frequently as we are living life as creative beings and sharing this beautiful journey with you.
Stay on the Awiya Side of Life my Creatives!