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Cottage in the Village

Location: Malham, England

Photographer: Lou Ewers


From the “never judge people by appearances” file.

Guest Blogger Thomas Klein

From the “never judge people by appearances” file.

Wednesday, I am driving my Grandpa’s pickup truck back from Omaha. I had previously blown the side wall in the passenger front tire and I am driving on the spare. I have 4 brand new Goodyear Wrangler tires sitting at home, waiting to be put on the truck. I get 6 blocks from home, and the spare decides to blow out (not leak, explode). No spare to put on, so I leave the truck overnight, to get a new tire mounted. I take my lunch hour to put on the new tire. It’s about 100 degrees, and my floor jack is too short to lift the tire. Suddenly, about 8 young Hispanic Men appear, that are roofing a nearby house. A couple of the have a 3 ton hydrolic jack, and start jacking up my truck. Another guy starts loosening the lugs. Another guy throws on the new tire. Guy tightens my lugs, and the others let down the truck down, and I am standing there looking stupid (I can specialize in this look). I say Muchos Gracias to my new friends and offer to buy them some beer. They turn me down, but say they would take some “Coke or Pepsi.” I drive Corner Market and buy the guys some two 12 packs of cold Pepsi to say thank you.

I have no idea who these nice, hard working young men are, but want to say “Thanks” for all their help. After all, it’s not who you are (or what you look like) but what you do that defines you.

So, Muchos Gracias mi nuevo Amigos! /blockquote>