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A girl on the Underground

Oh how I wish life was as exciting as the 1st time Lily experienced London and riding the Underground.

These days many of us are doing our part to flatten the curve and remain healthy. I started this painting last Sunday and hope to have it finished this weekend. I’m only able to be in the studio once a week since I’m working from home for my day job.

I ordered a few new colors and hope they arrive soon. I think this painting would benefit from some diversity in colors.

Any way, this is part of a series I’ve named “A girl…”. It’s part of a mother and daughter collaboration with my artist daughter Lily. She’s busy with college still but has completed a couple of paintings so far.

Being in my studio and allowing myself to experience Awiya, creativity to flow through my being is my souls center. It is where I am most connected with myself. It is where my connection to the world around me is clearest. It’s not an escape from reality, on the contrary, it is a space where I am open, clear, vulnerable and honest with myself. It’s where I allow thoughts to flow by and simply acknowledge their presence without holding any of them. In many ways it is similar to an active meditation.

It is my hope, that in these difficult times, that many of you experience Awiya for the 1st time and create into this world some beauty.

Stay safe my friends and be well. until next time, stay in the Awiya side of life.

#American Zed

Finished 16” x 20” acrylic on stretch canvas

So I spent about a half an hour writing a blog post about this latest painting. Unfortunately when I pressed publish it disappeared. I have no idea where it went and I was like darn it that was a great blog post if I do say so myself.

Here I go again. A couple of years ago when my daughter Lily graduated from high school and at her graduation party we created a photo booth that included a handheld Polaroid style type frame made out of white eraser board. Guests could group together and write on the bottom with dry eraser markers on the bottom of the Polaroid goofy, cheesy, wise sayings or hashtags or the what not and then hold the frame up and then take a picture.

Well one of the pictures that was taken is represented in this painting. When it was taken I thought it was cute but it wasn’t until I saw the picture a few days later that it really spoke to me on so many levels.

First, this picture immediately reminded me of American Gothic painting by Grant Wood. It is said that Grant Wood in the 1930s went back to Iowa where he was from and saw an old farmhouse. He was inspired and wanted to do a satirical painting about the architecture of an old Iowa farm house. He titled the painting of the old farm house & its farmer & wife “American Gothic” as in reference to the lack of Gothic style architecture and it being the Midwest’s version. It’s further written that he utilized his sister and his dentist as models for this painting.

So now this is my version of a satirical painting of what I envision of a young Generation Z couple would look like on the World Wide Web posting on different social media sites, sharing their selfie’s.

I give you #AmericanZEd

Be that One Person

“Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person.”
R.Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) architect,engineer,inventor

Nature of People

Good Evening My Creatives,

I sent out emails introducing the Awiya Project 2: Cycle of Compassion & From Palette to Canvas: The Light of Nebraska this morning.

Here are the links to our campaigns if I don’t have your email address. If you want me to have it, send me an email to awiyalife@yahoo.com . Introduce yourself & let me know if you want to receive future introduction emails.

The Awiya Project 2: Cycle of Compassion 

From Palette to Canvas: The Light of Nebraska

It’s recommended that when running a crowd funding campaign that you make contact with someone 7 times. I honestly believe that is a bit excessive if not borderline wallet stalking. We don’t want that kind of negative energy around what we do. My perspective is that once you hear about it, via email, twitter, Facebook and you go look at the campaign site… Either it resonates with you & you want to be part of it or it’s just not your thing. That’s how authentic inspiration happens. It is my heartfelt wish that you become authentically inspired as we are with every painting we create &  donate.

So, with that said, I do hope that you take the time to at least view our crowd funding campaigns.  We do appreciate you taking the time to visit our campaigns.

Jes and I are in road trip planning mode for picture references to start painting the Palette to Canvas series. Also organizing with benefit organizers for a 9 yr old child with a rare type of cancer. A piece has already been selected &  in the next week or so will be delivered. Details will be forthcoming. Here’s a link to the benefit Facebook page.

All for Paul 

As always, Stay on the Awiya Side of Life and be present in your authentic nature

A New Cycle Begins!




From Palette to Canvas: The Light of Nebraska

Jes and I are building upon the success and popularity of our Palette to Canvas: The Colors of Wahoo we did in September of 2011 and launching another in the series called “Light of Nebraska”. You can become a Contributor today by clicking on the side bar links . More to come in the next few days as we are updating all our websites and starting this new series. Stay on the Awiya Side of Life my Creatives!

From Palette to Canvas: The Light of Nebraska


Jes & I are very excited to take The Awiya Project to a new level!

We did a “Palette to Canvas: The Colors of Wahoo” last fall. We did a series of impressionist paintings of local images,held a month long Nonprofit art show & donated pieces to local public spaces.

Now we are planning “Palette to Canvas: The Light of Nebraska”. We want to paint 10 impressionist landscape paintings of the diverse landscapes of Nebraska, hold a nonprofit art show & then donate the pieces to 10 Nebraska public libraries. We are in the process of organizing our next project and taking this love & passion of painting & giving to a new level.

We are applying for nonprofit 501c sponsorship from The New York Foundation for the Arts & Artspire for our next Palette to Canvas series. This sponsorship will provide many more opportunities for grants & donor funding for our projects and national exposure for Art that Gives.

Check back frequently as we are in the process of planning our next project & writing our sponsorship proposal for submission.



The Awiya Project~ Thank you

The last painting of the current project has been delivered!

I want to thank our donors, supporters and recipiants for participating in The Awiya Project! We were given an amazing opportunity to share our talents & abilities with others. Connect with other artists, community fundraising events & organizations and lovers of art.

 This experience has refueled our passion and drive to continue to paint and donate our art for the benefit of others.

A Heartfelt Thank you cannot express the gratitude we feel for sharing in this experience with you.


A Bridge Returning Home

A Bridge Returning Home.

A Bridge Returning Home

Bridge Home

I awoke to the morning’s glow filtering through the blinds of my window. The suns lights, filtered and glistening upon the surface of the unfinished self-portrait sitting on the easel. Believe it or not, this was my first attempt. A dear & beloved artist companion stated something that pierced the veil of my inner world. He offered a spiral glance connecting spirit and self through reflective painting. If we are brave to paint person, then the journey will be profound. The process is to see through self-created facade & come face to face with clarity, the truth of our existence, taking great courage to see self so clearly & even more strength to paint it. As I gazed at the reflection on the canvas of somewhat similarity, I realized that I only painted a sense of awe and subtle confidence in expression. The rest, well, I don’t know whom I was painting. I put the painting away.

That afternoon I walked down to the County parade with the kids. We moved back to my hometown a few months prior, and I wanted my children to enjoy this annual community event. I haven’t been to one since I was in High School & was one of the cheerleaders dancing with pompoms down the street to the pounding drum line of the Warriors Marching Band. Tractors were pulling floats & children scrambling around the curb waiting for parade participants to throw candy. As parade participants walk by, a young gal with bright pink hair and a tiara handed me a newspaper. In huge letters on the front-page “BRIDGE COLLAPSE A MYSTERY.”

How ironic it seems that the timing of events impact others more or less on a variety of levels as it serves to reason to the majority no connection as at all. Alternatively, is there?

The 1st thought to arise from the swirl of emotion within “ Returning Home.” I posted a blog a while back that mentioned that I was homeless for a short period in 1989 between leaving Minneapolis College of Art & Design and returning to Nebraska. Well, it was under that bridge in Minneapolis that I sought shelter.
As I sat on the curb that parade day, my spirit and mind submerged in memories forgotten those many years ago. I thought, as most do, that I had already let it go. However, apparently, my Spirit wasn’t finished with this experience. A profound sense of returning home swelled within me. A surreal moment unfolded while watching the small town parade gliding down the main street. Images moving in slow motion as my mind, heart, body & spirit aligned as I realized that I was supposed to remember not for me, but for a kind soul who texted me a few moments later, that he who had found himself homeless in a strange place miles from home, would be coming back to Nebraska.

My heart reached out, through the ethereal time & space. The beautiful, creative soul reached out to me, despite his darkest of nights. He extended his hand and afforded me the generosity of his heart, time & wisdom when life offered him only small moments of joy on the streets.   After my friend had arrived in Arizona, he arranged for me to receive his easel. This heartfelt gift, initiations spark in the creative processes and picking up my brushes despite the visual deterioration from my MS.

Then on this Parade day, a day of circular healing energy, my dearest of companions was no longer on the streets and would be returning not only to Nebraska but also to himself to continue his healing process. Life has a way of showing us the awe of the journey &  provides us with the confidence, stepping forward, and that every journey does indeed return us home. We have to slow our rhythm down, see clearly & accept our existence of being creative spirits in a constant process of growth in our physical forms, or a self-portrait if you’re brave. I am brave.

Stay on The Awiya Side of Life My Creatives!

New Video and Updates

New Video and Updates!

What’s Lou up to today?

I’m speaking with a young woman from Alabama today who is in the process of organizing a benefit powwow for Native American Community schools. This is an exciting time to be part of The Awiya Project!